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Frequently Asked Questions----FAQ

What is the Internet and what is the Web?
The Internet has been around for a long time. Its ancestor was a project started in 1969 by the Defense Department developed to be used primarily for the government and educational institutions . It allowed computers around the world to be connected together as one big network of networks. With improvements in recent years in telephone communication technology- such things as fiber optics, T1, T3 circuits,cable and broadband, the Internet could then be made available over telephone lines and cable to every business and home. By connecting your personal computer to an Internet service provider over your local telephone line/cable service, you can connect to this virtual network.

The World Wide Web (WWW) evolved as a subset of the Internet and is the fastest growing part of it. It is a major step forward in making the process of looking for information fast, powerful, and intuitive. It allows anyone who is connected to the Internet, to read, send and receive text and feature rich graphics files to and from other computers. The WEB has become the place to market your product!

What is a web site or web page?
The two are really synonomus. A page is your appearance on the web to market your products or service. It could be colorful text or graphics on one page or many pages. It could include 'links' to other pages of other companies or just references to 'cool' sites that offer visual appeal or needed information. Take time to visit our Clients page to see how customers can easily link to other sites in the world.

What can a web site do for my business?
The World Wide Web is the "HOT SPOT" on the Internet for marketing your company. It can place your company's message and products in front of your current customers and potential customers.
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Is this better than tv and radio advertising and the printed media?
Yes. The web gives you colorful graphics and eye catching printed text. It allows the viewer to have control over what is seen and for how long. If the web page has striking appeal and timely information, viewers will return often. More important is its capability to print timely information- the page can be updated daily- if that is your need. The technology for full motion video is improving monthly and soon will be a dynamic feature of web pages.

Its too complicated to understand-How can I take time to understand it?
WebWorld Creators takes the mystery out of this 'cloud' of information. We offer onsite consultation and training.

I do not have a computer. How could I benefit by having a web page?
Because your web site will be stored and maintained on our virtual server, you do not need a computer.

Why would I need it?
Way back in 1991, U.S. Companies spent more on computing and communications than on industrial, mine, farm, and construction equipment. For example, an automobile had $675 worth of steel and $782 worth of microelectronics. And the U.S. infotainment industry (publishing, film, spectator sports, telephones, TV, and related hardware) represented $1 trillion in annual sales. In addition, global computer sales had reached $380 billion annually. No wonder we have been preparing the Information Superhighway! It was the opinion of many that by the year 2002, the Internet would be the dominant form of communication in the country and possibly the world. It would surpass telephone communications, the printed media and television. Do you think thta we have arrived. Where do you want to be?

I do not understand that monster and its advertising benefits. What are they?
The Web is the fastest growing part of the Internet. The daily growth of customers subscribing to the Internet is tremendous. Presently, thousands of people a day are signing up with all service providers to gain access to the Internet. If your potential customers are here and in large numbers, shouldn't your advertising dollars be invested here also?

I heard that the cost is high. How much does it cost?
The price of some companies to host your web site is rather expensive. Limited competition until recently has allowed rates to remain high. However, WebWorld Creators can maximize its professional skills and offer state of the art technology at very affordable rates. Your advertising dollars never went so far. See our Services page for our rates and guarantees

As a small business serving customers in my local area only, why do I need access to the world?
Because a large percentage of your local customers have access or soon will have access to the Internet. Your sales exposure to them can be complete.

We are a large business. Why don't we have our own advertising staff control and maintain our web site?
This is certainly an option. Anyone can learn how to setup and maintain a web site. For large businesses on their own 'intranet', a site has many benefits. For some however, the learning curve is steep and cost factors deem it beneficial to out-source the work to the "Professionals". We offer onsite services. We can set up your site and train your personnel in 'HTML' script programming.

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